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Stoked to PARTY Rentals, is a family owned and operated business. We are located in Hunt County Texas and are happy to serve such a wonderful community.

We have three wonderful blessings Matt, Zepha and Creeley. They are the main reason Stoked to PARTY Rentals was started. 

We both have entrepreneur minds; so, we decided to open a business. We went to the drawing board. Where was a need in Hunt County that could be filled? With three kids we always have something to plan birthday parties, team building events, the list can go on. When it came to booking inflatables, we always had trouble finding a company. After some research it was not just a need for us but many in our community. So, we go to work! Opening for business in August 2021.

Fast forward to a year in business………. It is an overwhelming feeling of joy being able to work with this community. Seeing the kids’ faces light up when we drop off their inflatable is nothing short of priceless. A big thank you to everyone for allowing us the opportunity to work your event wither it be a birthday party, city event, school event, etc. WE APPRECIATE YALL!

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